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Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon in Santa Clarita, California

From a young age, Dr. Antebi always had a passion to fix things, a passion that eventually led him to practive medicine in Santa Clarita, California. He is a highly qualified orthopedic surgeon who is skilled in both operative and non-operative services. California Hip Doctor Dr. Alon Antebi His conservative approach to medicine ensures that California hip Patients only undergo surgery when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, Dr. Antebi focuses on whole body health rather than just simply fixing symptoms. These differences in his approach to medicine allow him to offer a unique, effective level of care to his patients in the Santa Clarita Valley.

As the first California surgeon to perform a hip replacement surgery using the anterior approach in all of the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita California, Dr. Antebi continues to set himself apart as a cutting-edge medical professional. He is one of the few, if not only, surgeons in California to perform this type of procedure. In line with his more conservative approach, this surgical strategy enables Dr. Antebi to go in through the front of the hip, simply moving muscle out of the way instead of cutting it, as surgeons must do in traditional hip replacement.

Dr. Antebi is an experienced consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon in Santa Clarita California with a special interest in all hip conditions, hip pain from sports injuries to the treatment of arthritis. On 4-23-15 Dr. Antebi Performs First Ever Anterior Hip Surgery at Holy Cross Hospital in California.

Dr. Antebi will provide you with a highly personal service, which will allow a streamlined fast and efficient diagnosis of your condition, with rapid access to an expert diagnostic team. He will endeavour to explain your condition and the treatment options available to return you to full fitness, where possible, in a realistic and achievable timescale. He is well versed in all the latest techniques and has access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists to facilitate your recovery.

Whether you are in need of anterior hip surgery or non-surgical care in California, you can come to Dr. Antebi with confidence. He keeps his patients comfortable, informed, and up-to-date on the entire hip surgery process. He has honed his surgical and non-surgical skills over the years, serving patients from Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Saugus, Castaic, and Santa Clarita California.

Whether you need to treat a dislocated shoulder after a dirt bike accident or are seeking to resolve your arthritis through anterior hip replacement, Dr. Alon Antebi is qualified to provide the care you need. As a highly talented orthopedic and Orthopaedic surgeon, he is passionate about providing patients the level of respect, care, and commitment they deserve.California Hip Surgery Doctor

Dr. Antebi takes a unique, conservative approach to the care he provides. Rather than simply fixing symptoms, he always seeks to treat the whole person, ensuring that his patients walk away feeling their best. He is available to treat patients throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and Northern San Fernando Valley, including Valencia, Saugus, Castaic, and Newhall.

It is Dr. Antebi's mission to keep you healthy and to help improve the quality of life you enjoy. He works to keep his patients informed of their options and aware of the procedures they will be undergoing. Dr. Antebi also strives to make sure that his patients remain comfortable and relaxed during any surgical procedure or treatment.

Currently, Dr. Antebi is Chief of the Orthopaedic Department at Antelope Valley Hospital in Lancaste Californiar and Chief of the Joint Program at Ridgecrest Regional Hospita in Californial, demonstrating his professional skill and qualifications in these areas.

Born in Israel, Dr. Antebi moved to California with his family at a young age. He remains fluent in both Hebrew and English. In his free time, Dr. Antebi enjoys relaxing with his family, mountain biking, traveling, and scuba diving.

Dr. Antebi's goal is to provide a rapid treatment schedule tailored to meet your needs. Ready to schedule an appointment? Want to find out more about how Antebi Orthopaedics of Santa Clarita Valley can help with your hip pain and condition? Contact Dr. Anteb now:  661-726-5005

"He totally put me at ease! Great experience at his office and he has a wonderful staff! Dr. Antebi is amazing and I highly recommend him!!"

"Doctor Antebi replaced my right hip about three years ago. He did an excellent job and my recovery was quick. He replaced my left hip 5 weeks ago. Again, he did an excellent job. My recovery was quick. I am very pleased with the outcome of both procedures. I highly recommend Doctor Antebi!"

"I would highly recommend Dr. Antebi for a total hip replacement. He did mine and within 5 days I was back to my normal routine and driving. Had surgery on a Tuesday and went dancing 10 days later."

"Thank you for the care you have shown to our family and your patient Joseph. We really appreciate your excellent and conscientious care. Thank you again."

"He saved my leg when another Ortho recommended an amputation ! Need I say more. Thank God for Dr A."

"So professional, such an expert in your chosen profession, and the effort and dedication you put forth as you "stayed the course" to become the man you are."

"Excellent all round. If I should experience any further problems I will consult Dr. Antebi in the future. Many thanks for the care provided."

"Mr Antebi really took the time to explain clearly my injury, the surgical and non-surgical options available. His post-op consultations were thorough and re-assuring. EF"

"I felt really confident that Doctor Antebi was recommending treatment that would improve the problems I was experiencing. His aftercare and patience at explaining things is excellent. SC"

"Dr. Antebi was open, honest and friendly, making the experience a relaxing one leading to good recovery .SW"

"The whole process from the first consultation to the post-op consultation was incredibly efficient and quick. I'm very happy with the outcome. AR"

"Couldn't be easier or better. All stress free and straight forward. Alon Antebis was calm, assured and honest about my symptoms and potential recovery. Very much appreciated. DB"

"My teenage son was made to feel at ease and treated with honest assessments and treated like an adult – it made a difficult time much easier to bear. Thank You. LO"

"The whole experience was interesting, pleasant and very efficient. Thank you. Dt"

"First rate professional service. Flexible scheduling to fit with my needs. jk"

"Very good staff, surgeon and venue. Overall an excellent service. NC"

"Very impressed with the speed of appointment and helpfulness of the admin staff. Thank you to all concerned. JdeK"

Dr. Alon Antebi 661-726-5005

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